Progress Report

I weighed in at 215.2 today. I’m so close to hitting my diet bet goal early in the game that it’s making me a little paranoid about being accused of cheating. At first I decided not to weigh in publicly anymore, but then I realized I have earned my weightloss as much as anyone. I just have really solid eating and exercise habits now (except at Christmas, I suppose) and good muscle mass that burns lots of calories. I’m just further in the process than the folks who have recently committed, so I entered my weight in. It motivates me to continue to move forward because I can watch the little line on the chart go down down down…

Seriously. How can that not motivate me? I want it to keeeeep goooiiing doooowwwnnnnn! By the way, here is a link for my profile on, in case you want to connect with me. We can cheer one another on! 🙂

Needless to say, the return to school has been instrumental in my New Year’s success. I can’t eat and snack all day long so I don’t get bad stuff in my body that triggers more cravings. I’ve noticed the more garbage I eat the more garbage I want to eat. It’s like I go into a food coma where the blerch comes out and takes over, my brain goes on autopilot and, apparently, I gain 15 pounds in seven days. How crazy is that?!?! Apparently not that crazy because I know I’m not alone.
I hopped on the elliptical today and did some WiiFit. I have to say, my WiiFit Meter is super motivating. At the end of the night I get to enter my data from the day into the Wii. It functions like a pedometer except that it also tracks speed and elevation. As I complete more mileage, it has these silly little races to finish and mountains to climb, based on my own mileage. There’s something about allowing the data compile that really motivates me to keep moving. I find that, as I am teaching, I’ll realize that I am standing still and I’ll start to very intentionally walk laps around the room as I read a story or lead a conversation. Today I found out that I also get walking credit for doing the elliptical. Guess which girl will be spending more time on there?!

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