Pounds of…  Lost!

Heading back to work steers me in the right direction.  Having consistent hours of times where it’s expected that air will or won’t be eating, compounded by having prepared food that I don’t have to think about just makes me successful.  Having a goal in mind only makes me more so.  This week wasn’t amazing in terms of anything except weight lost.  I binged on Chex mix and chocolate two nights in a row, was ridiculously emotional and got stressed out within moments of returning to my work post, but I still managed to lose a few.  I weighed 213 on 12/26 and weigh 207 today!  Yahoo!  I know that it’s water and stuff, but it feels good to see the scale trending in the appropriate direction, no matter what.  And there’s something to be said for being able to check boxes and fill in bubbles of accomplishmen in my planner! 😉

I do think it’s funny that I still have two pounds to lose before I’m even on my weightloss goal sheet that I made for my planner!  I made it thinking I’d start the new year at 205.  Oh how naive I was…

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