One of ‘Those’ Days

One of those days.
If you’re a teacher and you have one of ‘those’ days, it’s usually because your students got ahold of a wild hare that day and went crazy. That’s what happened to me. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that neither the children nor their teacher were in saintly-most-kind form by the last half hour. Some people, who will remain nameless, perhaps even needed to step into the hallway to count to ten before they could return to the classroom.
I wonder who I might be talking about?
Anyhow, I got home and all I could think of was my pajamas. You know how you have that one pair that you just love? The ones that are your favorites? You know them- the go-to comfort jams that soothe the worst of horrid days and look best accessorized with the remote control, a large fuzzy blanky, slippers and huge cup of tea?
I need some.
Yeah. I’ve shrunk out of mine. Mine are big now. I do not feel at all cute or glamorous in them.
Woe is me, I know. I don’t care. Today I really want comfortable and cute jammers. But all I have are my size 3x pajamas that, while comfy, I just don’t feel charming in them. See? Look:

I just can’t ditch perfectly good jammies. Even if I do trip over them on my way down the stairs because my feet get caught up in all the fabric (no, I’m not joking).
Perhaps it is time for some smaller jams. Ha ha.
Mostly I’m just whiny complainy.
If you want to see how I decompress after a long day…

Yeah? Well?! I think it’s funny!
He he.

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