I’m nuts about nuts. Seriously. The shifty cashew (another legume masquerading as a nut, sheesh!) and the sultry allure of the smoked almond… Shall I wax poetic? Pair either with a piece of chocolate and you have the kind of trifecta that has almost bested me all week. Because of that tub of cashews and the tub of smoked almonds, I’ve been maintaining all week. Not to mention I actually ate some real chips at work (like a handful) and there may or may not have been some ritz bits (cheese- I have a love/hate relationship with overly processed cheese) or a handful of peanut m&ms. And candy corn. Then I sit back and wonder why I’m not losing weight. Ha ha!
I haven’t been this bad in a long time. A looooooonnng time!
I’m back on track though now. How do I know? Conference week is over, the treats are no longer in the staff room, I hid the nuts we own from myself and did I mention I finished conferences? I’m not kidding that this is the picture I took of the moment I stepped off campus today and made my way home:

I think I was a little happy (I know I look in pain but I’m not)! But who wouldn’t be? I had a great conference week (I have the most wonderful families-AGAIN!), and staying late those two nights means I have two half days where I can actually leave early, today and tomorrow! Now I can celebrate my birthday with my husband, away from the children while they are at school (this is a first for that!). I don’t even know what we are going to do, but I feel so full- of happiness, love, satisfaction and joy. Let my fortieth birthday begin, and my 41st year of life become mine. 🙂
Goals for this insane week… How am I doing?
I made a pretty big menu of work outs this week and so far… I’m perfecto. Well, not perfect. ‘Doing Weights’ is fairly subjective and I didn’t give myself a specific time allowance… LOL. Of course the weights are where I’m failing. But at running three miles? I’m golden. We’ve actually been running about 3.3 miles. Suddenly I’m a little slower, but I think that is just my body responding to the additional distance. I mean, really, I went from regularly running 1.3-1.8 miles at a time to consistent 3.3-3.5 miles at a time. I doubled or more than doubled the distance, so I think my slower speed is excusable.

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