I’ve never run in November before. I’ve walked, maybe done a little hiking, but run? Unless forced by my middle and junior high school PE teachers, I’ve never been a runner in November.
It’s fun to realize things like that and celebrate. I realized recently that in a few months I’ll be celebrating my year anniversary of Tamara Shazam. It doesn’t seem like I’ve been here that long…
Anyhow, last night we had a terrific wind storm that extended into today. I watched the weather as the rain deluged the street. While I love running in the rain, my previous cold weather running experience is as a much heavier person who only ran for 10-20 minutes at a time. I now have much less of an insulating layer and I run for 30-40 minutes now. I’ve been worried about keeping warm- but not too warm! And running in the rain longer means ill be wetter when I’m done. Today I dressed warm. Too warm! I had on three layers up top plus knee socks and gloves. It was a bit much.
After not running for four days, I wanted to burn some distance. We decided to run our newest big loop that takes us off road, through a grassy park, on trails and across bridges! Today the wind storm added lots of fallen branches and other debris. It was a bit thrilling, hopping over this and around that. We ran a total of 3.3 miles at a really easy (slow) pace, then picked up the kids and the dog for an additional mile for a cool down. It was a great workout.
The Halloween candy is gaining a bit of ground, I’m sad to say. It’s not like I’m eating tons, but last night I ate four fun-sized something or others and today I had fun sized m+m’s, fun sized snickers and a fun sized Twix. It was fun, as the name suggests, but I broke away from the sack before it got too big a hold on me. I tell you what, though, two days after Halloween last year and we had much less candy than now.
I think it’s funny how I need to write about this so much. I suppose that should tell you what a temptation it is to me.
Go look at this.
I have yet to run more than five miles at a time, but I could relate to a lot of it, and that which wasn’t personal to me, I certainly could connect to the spirit. It also kind of made me want to train for a half marathon! Ha ha!
Finally, I figured out what my next goal reward will be: eyelash extensions! I also figured out that when I weigh 200 I’ll be just ‘overweight’ and no longer ‘obese’. I remember when I was morbidly obese. That was no fun. Life keeps getting easier as I get smaller and stronger. I can move faster, get around easier, I’m in less pain and I can do things like catch up with the runaway trick-or-treating boys on Halloween night with no problem!

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