I always expect the end of the school year to be mellow. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because, as a kid, the teachers started winding down expectations as the year wrapped up… What I failed to realize was that my teachers were winding down student expectations because their job gets a lot harder! It has been one thing after another, with tasks, evaluations, assessments, meeting, celebrations, final performances, presentations, field trips and everything seems to just be compounding. It wasn’t until Thursday that I even realized this weekend is Memorial Day weekend, I’ve been so deep in my turtle shell!
So, last night, as I was getting ready to turn over into that special sleeping position that makes me crash right out (cocooned in pillows while laying on my left-hand side, if you were wondering), I thought to myself that I was glad we didn’t have lice in the house since that would have kept us way busier than I wanted to be this weekend!* Add to that the stupid comment I made to a friend that I haven’t gotten super sick this year….
And then Guinevere came in at 2:AM to let us know that she had just thrown up. I’m lucky enough to have a husband who hopped up and took care of it. I fell back to sleep and woke again around 6:AM to learn that it was an all-night ordeal. And now my stomach is rolling with the bug. Nooooooo!
Here we go. What a way to spend the long weekend!

It was one for the record books, folks. Oh. My. Goodness. I don’t like to belabor my complaints in life, but holy snykies. I never want to have the stomach flu again. It started at 10:00 and I was leaning over the toilet evacuating my stomach until 2:AM. It was rough. This morning I woke up to a horrible stench in the house. It was one of those flus that leaks out your pores and makes everything smell of sickness. Lots of bathing, lots of laundry, lots of towels… Now we are keeping our fingers crossed that Bradley doesn’t get it!
After all was said and done, I hopped on the scale, just to see. For a brief moment, I weighed 194.2- less than Bradley! Lol! It all came back right away, thoughts soon as I hydrated, but still. That was kind of cool to see and motivated me to get going again. 🙂

*That makes it sound like we have lice quite often. That would be a no. Just to be clear.

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