Nine Shopping Days Left!

Nine days till I’m going to be 40. How weird is that?! I was thinking about this year and how much I I love my birthday but I hate getting older. I’m surprisingly ok with turning forty in a few days. I think, though, if I had failed to meet my goals or make significant positive changes in my life I wouldn’t be feeling so ducky. Before I started making changes I was feeling slow, full of pain, lethargic, sleepy, depressed, annoyed and really, I wasn’t very nice to myself. Things have changed a lot. It has less to do with weightloss and more to do with the frame of mind that came with it. I’m so happy and confident now. If this is what I feel like at forty then I really don’t think it’s a bad thing. I’m the healthiest I have ever been in my life now. Talk about peaking late in life!

Our whole family has a cold. Each of us is in various stages of the cold- Boyo is pretty much done, Girly is at the tail end, mine is at phase two of the beginning, and Bradley is just coming into it. That said, exercise is really important to us. I get antsy and agitated and irritable if I don’t get out to move every day, not to mention paranoid that I’m going to lose my momentum and stop exercising altogether or something. So yesterday we went to a local park to take a little walk with two playgrounds and many chestnut trees.
Today I said phooey to the cold and asked Bradley to go for a run with me. Last year I remember that running was really helpful when I had a cold. It’s like the excessive air going in and out of my lungs cleanses me out or something. Whatever it is, I like it because I stay healthier. Today we ran a little slower than usual and did just under three miles. It felt pretty good and I was proud of my lungs for doing so well.

I haven’t made short term goals for a while. This week is conference week and it will offer me some extra food intake opportunities and it will compromise my ability to exercise every day. I’m committing to:
Monday: 3 miles
Tuesday: late work night- eat smart + weights
Wednesday: late work night – eat smart + weights
Thursday: 3-4miles
Friday: 3 miles + weights
Saturday: 3 miles
Sunday: 2 miles + weights
It’s a lot but I think I can do it and I might even lose a few pounds this week. I gained two pounds last week (moved up to 222) and I lost that this week. This morning the Wii weighed me in at 220 as did my digital scale. My next pounds lost will find me in the teens! I’m only 30 pounds away from my husband’s weight! I remember when I was about 125 pounds heavier than him! I’m amazed when he picks me up now or I can sit on his lap without worrying about breaking him. 🙂

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