Nifty Gifties + The Dreaded Weigh-In

This year we have family staying with us over the holidays. I am stoked: My mom and dad, all to myself for several days in a row. I’ll be like a dog rolling in mud, trying to embed enough of their presence in my soul before their return trip to Idaho… Because of the additional people, my husband got super self conscious about not having a hyper-consumerist Christmas with a loaded tree. Admittedly, we do load our tree heavily. We are a family who doesn’t buy much all year (our kids use their allowance for almost all of their kid purchases) and we go a little wild during the holidays… Because he got nervous, I decided to hand over all control to him and it has been wonderful! He’s been busy finding all kinds of great deals, and it’s been fun to watch him planning out our nifty gifties.
Today I arrived home to find all of the gifts purchased on our bed. He is finished, with the exception of a few things that have yet to arrive in the mail. When he started shopping for me, he asked about sizes and looked at me a little funny when I said:
14 pants and dress size {former size: 28/30}
Large shirts {former size: 3-4X}
Bras 36 DDD (I got officially fitted) {former size: 44 bazillion D’s }
Shoes: 11 {former size: 11.5-12}
And he asked me, “Are you sure?”
I answered that, “Of course I am! I know this!”
And he said nothing more.
But he hasn’t shopped for me without me since the days of 28’s. And he told me that as he pulled each garment out of the box he saw how small they were and was crestfallen that they would not fit right away, rather they would fit when I got closer to my goal weight of 170.
So, tonight when I saw all of those boxes, he shyly showed me one box and bragged that I was getting a really nice Christmas. He did really good… Except he wasn’t sure about the sizes on a couple of the garments. The next thing I knew, I was standing there in my underwear, a bandana tied over my eyes and Bradley was threading my hands through sleeves and tugging the hem of a dress down over my shoulders!
Then it got really quiet and I heard him remark, “I can’t believe these fit. You are so little now! I have a tiny little girl! Where did my big Mama Bear go?!”
We laughed, he pulled it off of me, and we did it again.
It was really fun, both to fit the clothes and to hear my husband’s loving words. He loved me fat, he loves me mid-sized (or tiny, as he said)… I think he just loves me! What a magnificent feeling. Better than the gifts (schmaltzy truth)!
Everything fits, but I don’t know what anything looks like. I’m excited to see these things I tried on come Christmas morning. He’s done an amazing job for our kids and me. We are a fortunate family in so many ways and I am ever grateful.

{Christmas comes from Target, Ross and Sierra at Lj House 🙂}
I weighed in after feeling so good and getting all loved up and complimented from Bradley. It was 208. I was worried about being in the teens! I can deal with 208! One pound less than Halloween, and only one pound up from where I last left off! I’ve got good momentum again- I’ve been eating smartly, saying no to myself, avoiding eating at night and even grudgingly hitting the treadmill. I’m pleased with this week, and I’m hoping to glide into the holidays feeling a little more slender and fit! Three cheers for Wednesday!

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