New Running Record!

Every once in a while I get these big ideas that I know will scare my husband a little. At around six miles his knee gets a little sore, so he’s hesitant to push past 4-5 miles at a go, but hey! I’m training for the Disney Half Marathon here, I need to be pushing my mileage! You’re probably wondering what my big idea was, and it was just to run until I hit my limit. So often, I feel like I can just go forever if only I can sustain the boredom of really long runs, but I’ve been wondering how long I can really go until I’m tapped out. It turns out, six miles is my wall. I was going along pretty well, but after I’ve been running for a bit, sometimes my left hip aches and my groin ligaments hurt! Today was no exception, but, like when I first began to run, I decided to run through the pain. If I stop whenever it hurts I’ll never go again! I started aching at around 4.5 miles and at five I had to walk a hill, I was just so tired (at 11mph- I know- but still)! I ran until I hit a small hill right after our sixth mile, and I had to be done. So my wall is six miles. For now.. That, too, will definitely change in the very near future.

We had eight girls sleeping over Friday night. It was pretty awesome. We let my daughter invite all the girls in her class and most of them came. My own parents used to let me have ‘just because’ slumber parties at random times throughout the year, so I didn’t think it was that big of a deal! But as each parent dropped off their daughter they commented on our bravery at having that many girls sleeping over. I started to worry, but as the evening wore on, I started seeing the character of the people my daughter has allied herself with. She has great taste in friends and I wouldn’t hesitate to invite them over again! This was Gigi’s first authentic big girl party. She realized, for the first time, that party games aren’t necessary. They had more fun dressing up in princess dresses and singing along to the Frozen soundtrack. They were the cutest group of 11 year olds that I have ever seen. 🙂



  1. Jen Mitchell

    What a cool idea to run until you hit the wall! I don’t know if I can handle not knowing. I do like the Train Like a Mother HM plan that gives a range for your long run. 10-12 means 10 miles if you’re having a hard day or up to 12 if you’re feeling good. It’s a good lesson to learn that some days we have good runs and some days we have bad runs. But at least we’re running!

    • Tamara

      Yes! At least we are running! I’ll have to look into the train like a mother. Sounds like my speed 😉

  2. Way to go! 6 miles is awesome ! Former Olympian Jeff Galloway says that generally our wall is the farthest distance we have run. So it takes slowly building up distance to push the wall. So now that you have conquerred the 6 mile mark your mind and body knkw you can! So start adding 1/2 – 1 mile one time a week or every other week. One long run a week – others shorter. You will be doing 13 in no time!

    Many training plans have the long run for a half at 10–I would not stop at 10. If you have time I would go to 13-14. Then your wall has happened and you knkw you can run the 13 in the race.

    Another idea that I learned is to have back down weeks. Especially if you have a long time to train. So you plan on running long again next week-run 6 again, then the next week do 7– even if you run/walk. Then drop down to 5 for long and build up again. 6 won’t be bad and 7 will be better. Then head on up to 8– run it a couple of weeks in a row.

    If you don’t have a close race date you can really build up your endurance.

    You’re awesome! Keep it up!

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