Remember yesterday when I did that cross training thing like they do on The Biggest Loser? A small reminder:

I did it over and over yesterday. It didn’t seem like a big deal – at all. Like, I kept doing it over and over and over for the purpose of pictures while Bradley kept asking if I was feeling it. Feeling what? Nothing. That’s what.
Silly, arrogant woman! I tell you what- I felt it today. All. Day. Long.
My ribs hurt, my back hurt, my thighs hurt. I kept stretching my arms wide and far trying to alleviate the tightness. It feels good though.
Tonight I didn’t run. I decided yesterday to get all fancy schmancy with some super fabulous dance moves and threw out my hip. I was a little sore and needed a rest, but this sealed the deal. I’m taking a day or two off of running.
This event prompted some super motivating weight work tonight! I tightened, lifted, crunched and even tried to lunge this evening. Lunging was a bad idea. My knees sounded like they were actively exploding popcorn from them. I stopped lunging and focused instead on positioning myself like a seal with my belly on the floor and my legs and head raised, clenching my butt over and over in a small variety of variances with my legs bouncing in the air. About halfway through my body started to ache a little. 25 minutes into the workout I was burning. But the end of my workout I crawled into bed like a limp rag. You ever have one of those workouts where you by the end of it you’re already sore? (Me either, I’m new to this). This was one of those workouts. I’ll be feeling it tomorrow. I’m feeling it now! I will attempt to relish it!

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