Mother’s Day

Today I decided to do a day in the life…  Mother’s Day version!

I actually slept in!  I didn’t wake up this morning until 7:30 or so and it was heavenly.  As soon as we were rustling, my little buddy came in to give me a Mother’s Day foot rub while Bradley grabbed my coffee and a chocolate croissant that I thought would be delicious but ended up being grosser than gross.  

We headed to St. Ed’s for a quick hike.  I managed to only step on one slug while there, so that was nice.  Even though I didn’t have a big plan to run or anything, we ended up making decent time on the trail, especially considering we had the two kids along with us.  Jude was interested in running a lot of it and who am I to discourage that?!?!  

When we got home I made ‘grandma pancakes’ for the first time ever in my life.  Really, they are more commonly called Swedish pancakes or crepes, but they were the specialty of my German great grandmother.  On special occasions my mom made stacks of them and we’d fill a bazillion of them with applesauce, canned pears, peaches, jam and powdered sugar.  Today my favorite was the laughing cow cheese with marmalade.  Yummy yumma!after that we played some Wii and Sorry, opened some presents…

After eating buttery crepes filled with cheese and sugar, it felt even more imperative that I make my 10,000 steps today so I forced Bradley to take another walk with me.  🙂 I’m sure it was simply miserable to walk and chat with his wife on a sunny afternoon.  He even let me go extra long so I could sniff on that yellow rose again.  It was funny, too, because right before we got there we saw another woman sniffing the same roses!  I’m not alone!  While we were out we found someone’s mail that had been stolen so we walked that back to them.  Check off the good deed for the day.  😉 

My family spoiled me by making dinner (burritos) AND doing the dishes followed by a little live music.  The last thing I did before heading upstairs to write this post was eat the embarrassingly named ‘Next Best Thing To Robert Redford’ while watching Napoleon Dynamite with Gigi.  My mom used to make the dessert when I was a kid and I have to imagine there are a legion of kids from the 1980’s who remember the delish taste of layered pudding dessert bearing the name of our children’s grandmother’s sex symbols!  How fitting that we celebrations my status of motherhood with such an appropriately named dessert?  Though I think I might substitute the celebrity for one of my Tamaraesque substitutions…  Next Best Thing to John Krasinski?  Ewan McGregor?  Donnie Wahlberg?  Colin Firth?  Oh, Tamarella.  Poor Robert Redford Never had a chance.  LOL!

And to all a good night!  Happy Mother’s Day!

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