Mission Report Cards: Accomplished!

Even though it was a crazy report card week, I still managed to get two Zumba workouts and one run in.  Even though it unexpectedly and prematurely turned into shark week, I still managed to meet all of my steps- except day one when I let myself lay low (butmadeitupthenextday).  I didn’t get all of my running miles in yet, but I still have the weekend…  The best news, however, is that I finished my report cards and stuffed them all into envelopes by the time I left on Friday!  I love the feeling of being done with the reports- it’s so freeing!  

{This was the Tuesday Zumba crew.  We move the desks, turn up the music and I project shinedancefitness.com to the screen.  I would take a picture of these powerful women every time, because I think it’s worth celebrating and recognizing the accomplishment of hard work and sweat every time, but I hate to be ‘that guy’!}

We decided to change our schedule a little bit for Zumba.  On Wednesday I sat in my classroom, hoping against hope that no one would come to dance.  We had worked out the night before, I was all crampy and really not wanting to dance.  Really I didn’t want to move much at all.  Lol!  The only person who came also needed to take her dog to the vet, so I packed it in by 3:40 and lit on home.  We postponed for Friday and I was lucky enough to host six dancers then! Afterwards I headed to Chuck E. Cheese’s for a school event.  We used to take Gigi there when she was little, but I hadn’t returned in years.  We managed to find the only table free in the joint, next to the basketball hoop game and skeeball.  After an hour of yelling across the table to one another my voice became hoarse and we finally managed to find a place in a quieter corner.  That place is something else!  Ha!  It’s definitely a kid’s place…  I’m glad we went, though.  It was so much fun to see so many of my students at the restaurant.  🙂

*I’ve actually learned to love day one of shark week because it’s the one day of the month that I actually let myself off the hook for working out and allow a little bit of comfort snacking.  I know that people say that working out during ‘that time of the month’ can help with cramps, but I also think it’s ok to hunker down and take a day to myself every 28 days or so.  TMI?  Aiyiyi.  LOL!

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