March 1st: Day in the Life

Bradley is sick. He has some weird, low-grade fever that has made his body its home for the past few days. He’s laying low and, as a result, the rest of us are too. What a better day to make a project of, eh? So here you have it, a day in the life of Tamara Shazam!

My morning up officially started at 4:12, when I woke up. I laid in bed for a few hours listening to meditations, music, and finally, I binge watched some of this:

I’m kind of obsessed right now. I’m nearly done with the last season though, so that’s about to change.

Breakfast was breakfast burritos (one serving= about 1.3 eggs, one Morningstar vegetarian sausage, one tortilla (I usually eat a bout 2/3 of one), a little cheese and as much salsa as will fit in there. I’m obsessed with salsa lately. Obsessed. I want it on everything. I never thought I’d be that guy!

I went for a nice run after breakfast. I was impressed that I hit the streets before 10:00AM. My miles averaged out to tens. I’ve gotten a lot slower, but today felt cleaner than yesterday. I got my heart into the 150’s and 160’s again. I really pushed myself on the hills and felt like a powerful runner again. It was really nice.

I needed to go to Target. So I did. I was all excited to have some time to meander by myself, but I found myself rushing and irritated, anxious to get back to my family. I missed our chatter. I missed my man. I love being with him.

I bought two of these pictured things, looked admiringly at one, and one of these pictures is an attempt to show the falling snow. It was so sparse that it was hard to catch on film, but believe me, it was falling. 🙂

I got home to find my family all curled up like cats in bed together. I quickly joined them, but even though I showered earlier I didn’t wash my hair. It felt icky, so…

I share this picture because of my iPad apparatus. Showering is not just a method of getting clean for me- oh no. I enjoy showering more like a hobby, and while I’m enjoying my hobby, sometimes I watch tv, read articles online, check my email, listen to music or write for this website.

Then it was lunch- cheese, fruit, vegetables and I had diet Pepsi. Quite the meal. 😉 (To be clear- shared by four people, FYI. I did not eat all of that. WE did not eat all of that!)

I headed downstairs to do some weights (Bowflex) and checked my WiiFit meter in.

I remembered that today is March 1st, and looked at my goals. I wanted to finish my Hawaii track and get to the next level on the Grand Canyon for the altitude challenge. I totally met both of my goals! Yahoo! That tells me that I did a good job of sticking with exercise throughout February!

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