Lunge Overload

I came home on Friday pretty inspired by my Zumba workout. I have avoided too much lunging because my knees creak, groan and crack like crazy so bending them excessively has always seemed like a bad idea. On Friday, though, I realized that my thighs are pretty strong after weighing so much then starting running at 260… I guess they can handle a lot these days and I didn’t have any problems with all the lunging during the class. So, on Friday night, I started lunge walking – meaning taking big steps that go low- all over the house. I stood behind the couch watching TV in a wide-lunge position and even found myself making dinner with my legs wide apart, bent at the knees, slowly going up and down to make my thighs burn. There’s nothing like vacant time, just standing in one spot stirring dinner at the stove- a perfect time to do some lunges…

So, I was feeling pretty good. On Saturday I continued the pattern- lunging and dipping everywhere I went. By Saturday afternoon I was feeling pretty clever and smug. My thighs were burning and sore and I hadn’t even done an official workout aside from a two miler at St. Ed’s. I put on Sinead O’Connor’s album, Nothing Compares 2 U, and was singing, lunging and dancing with my dog, feeling great when all of the sudden, in the middle of Emperor’s New Clothes, deep in my booty, something twanged. I wasn’t even dancing or moving when it happened- I was just petting Martha! At first I thought I had a charley horse cramp, but I couldn’t stretch it out or rub it out, it just stayed. And hurt. Then it hurt some more. And all night it hurt- while I ate, sat, slept, rolled over- everything. I feared the worse, that a doctor would have to get involved, but at this point today I’m feeling better and think if I take a few days off of exercise for my hip/butt, I should recover as long as I don’t push it. But then I’m going to be right back to it. I like lunging all over the place. I really like using time that would otherwise be used in a nonproductive kind of way- kind of like getting my workout done when I’m at school- double duty!
So how did I feel about having to sit around all day smash booking and cuddling with my kids while watching the final Hobbit movie and letting my behind heal? Pretty darn good.

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