Little Si

20130901-212507.jpgFor our last big summer day we headed up to Little Si for a hike. It was a pretty intense hike (I like intense). The elevation was fine, it was the super rough terrain. I felt like I was marching the whole time, lifting my legs reeeallly high in the air over and over and over to step over logs, huge rocks and gigantic roots. And coming down was as exciting and sweaty as going up! I felt like a mountain goat. When I got into the car at the end of the hike I figured out I burned just shy of 2000 calories, though, so along with the stellar views and quality family time it was a great calorie burner! At first we couldn’t believe that I had burned that much- had to be a glitch, right? But, no. Then we figured out that just walking without the elevation gain would be around 1600 calories (it was a three hour, round trip hike that ended up being a little over 4.5 miles with 1200 in elevation gain). I’m thinking one hike like this every week and I’ll be doing great for weightloss!


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