Leg Day…  Ahem.

I got home from work last night and was just,  plain antsy.  I was planning to do a ‘leg day’, but since I’ve never researched or done a ‘leg day’, I had no idea what one should look like.  Mostly I just knew it sounded official, and saying in my head all day that I was going to do a ‘leg day’ when I got home really made me feel like I was going to get it done.  I got dressed in my workout gear, put my shoes on and headed downstairs where I proceeded to stretch and stretch and streeeeeetchhhhhh and then jog aimlessly around my couch until I threw my hands up in the air, looked at Bradley and announced that I had no idea what I was going to do.  Leg day, suddenly, was elusive.  I decided to google a few Zumba routines when Bradley suggested I go meet Gigi who was on her way back from a friends house!  I zipped out the door to find her a mere 20 or so paces from our door, but we ran to one another anyhow, hugged, and then she asked me if I might like to go for a run with her.  

SHE asked ME to go for a run!!!!  Long ago, I admitted that my secret sub-mission of running was to build a running relationship with my daughter, one that is smoothed over by familiar tempos and muscle motion.  One that will hopefully be the salve that calms our tempers and brings us back together when she returns home from college or for Christmas when she’s all grown and married, herself.  I want running to be our touchstone.  Our secret place.  And yesterday was the first time she sought it from me.  Mission accomplished.  Now to keep it, to nurture this marvelous thing that has begun between she and me, so we can savor it for years to come.  

 Today I planned another ‘leg day’ and the same thing happened.  Got home, got dressed, and realized I had no idea what to do, again.  So, I spent 30 minutes on Pinterest exploring different workout menus.  After all that was done, I felt like I had worked out, so I took off my workout gear, sloughed my sneakers and put on my leggings.  Yawn…  But, I think, at last, I have a direction to go in and something to try!


  1. Scout Elliott

    I am in 9th grade! But graduating next October, it’s a long story I sadly have moved very far away about six months ago I moved to Michigan. But I always thank that you were my teacher and you made me actually enjoy school . But how have the kids been? And do you still teach?

    • Tamara

      Wow! Michigan?!?!? Crazy. And you’re graduating next year? If anyone can do that it’s definitely you. I teach 2nd grade this year at a different school than I was at before, it’s a happy thing. 🙂 if you ever want to email me the ‘long story’, I would love to hear it! Cheers again, Scout! I’m so glad you found me again!!!

  2. Scout Elliott

    Mrs. Littlejohn I came across this website to show people that I was at on it at one point, but I didn’t believe it when I saw you on the front page looking gorgeous as ever. The progress you have made is absolutely amazing. But I miss you so much Mrs. Littlejohn, like if we can keep it a secret, you were always my favorite teacher.
    Xoxo Scout

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