Kirkland Shamrock Run 2018

It’s safe to say that I pulled out all the stops this year.  I was a rainbow in motion.  I was the one moms were saying follow that lady in the rainbow tutu about.  Cap’n Awesome upped her game at this year’s Kirkland Shamrock Run!

We ran this little 5k for the third time.  Jude remembered how tough those hills were last year but then tackled them like a boss.  I’m so proud of my little running buddy.  He doesn’t love it 100% yet, but he gives it his all and I’m always so impressed!  This year Freddie had a bib, too.  Something about that pleased me to no end.  Of course gigi took off like a rocket and finished ages before us.  LOL

This year I met up with the Orca Running Amabassadors before the race and it was kind of nice to see them in person.  After the race was over and we had collected a large amount of chocolate milk, I checked in at the Orca booth to pick up some swag.  I walked away with a couple bonuses because I had a bunch of people use my Orca Running code and I earned a hat and sleeves and some other stuff.  It was kind of exciting!  Thank you for registering for the races- I really love that people just save a few pennies.  Anything I earn is just a nice surprise!

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