Insane in the Membrane

I was not a fan of that song.  It did make me feel insane.  And that is exactly what this week has felt like!  Sheesh!  I thought I was going for the payout of, “After Jude’s birthday we’ll have some downtime…”  But I had open house last night and after Tuesday’s festivities, I just had to pick up my skirts and get ready for the next event!  Phew!  After this Saturday, life should return to normal…

This morning we had a two hour late start because of snow.  I think we were just excited about it really, since we’ve really had no snow to speak of this year.  So I came into work and tried to sit down and get some procrastinated grading done.  So there I am, sitting at my desk practically vibrating around my chair.  WTH??  It occurred to me that I have not been exercising.  AT ALL.  And my body is probably a little used to burning off the energy.  so….  I went into my childhood hyper ADHD mode where focus was a joke and I couldn’t stop moving.  Eventually I sat with pen in hand, lots of techno and the Moulin Rouge soundtrack and my legs literally running in place under my desk while I graded tests.

I’m going batty.  As soon as I stopped exercising it’s like I took the whole dieting thing down four or five gears.  I got tired.  I got sleepy.   I also got busy and integrated lots of crap into our house for the party.   The good news is that it seems like any hip swelling is going down.  The bad news is that as the swelling is going down I am starting to feel how deep my injury seemed to go.  I think I got a really interesting bone bruise, truth be told.  As I am healing, little twists and jumps seem to aggravate it, and forget about sleeping on it.  anyhow, this is not a blog to act all old and I’m not planning to deeply ponder my health, but it is an interesting game, this whole changing the body thing.

Stepping away from being so hardcore has offered me some perspective, though.  I do think I put my body into shock.  I went from being fairly inactive to exercising an hour or more per night and eating a net of 900-1200 calories per day (that is my after exercise number).  SO hopefully this little vacation from the program will reset my body a bit and have the desired effect.

***Weekend Goals:

This weekend I am hoping to start getting some stretching and strengthening exercises in.  I found a workout that was made by people who run and it is designed specifically to focus on strengthening the hips of people like me – new fat runners.  🙂  I’ll give it  a try, keep chugging and I am bound to see change.  I want to stay within my calories, of course.

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