Indoor 5K

I’m not sure what it is about the treadmill but I really don’t enjoy it.  I can totally understand why it’s called the dreadmill to some people.  You get on it and watch your miles ever-so-slowly tick away…  And the calorie count is shameful.  I mean, it’s good to know how much energy it takes to burn a calorie, but those little things sure do come in easier than leave.  Sheesh.  Evolution did us no favors in today’s modern age of excessive calories with how we can hang onto those little things.  Anyhow, Bradley was heating a bowl of chili tonight and as he was taking it from the microwave to the counter, a little spilled on his hand and it started to burn him.  It must have been really hot because he dropped the bowl right onto his toe (and into the air vent) and, unbeknownst to him, split the front of his big toe wide open.  He was standing there at the sink, cleaning dishes, noticed a pool of blood on the floor and suddenly realized what had happened.  I had skip my planned run to stay home, of course, so as the title suggests, tonight I did another one of my indoor 5Ks.  Not on the dreaded treadmill, either, this was another one of my kitchen mile 5Ks.  In summer I run around in the pool, in winter, it would seem, I run around the kitchen island.  Today I was extra excited because I figured out how to do time lapse on my camera!

Tonight my run was sponsored by Pitbull.  I don’t even know what’s up with me, but suddenly I find myself a little obsessed with the man.  It would seem that NKOTB is learning me down a new-to-me musical path…  It all started with The Baddest Girl in Town that we danced to with Emily in Zumba.  Then I just started looking for more stuff by him and he’s everywhere.  Which, for me, right now, is pretty nice.  😉  I love the Latin influence, I love his rough voice, I love his that his rap sounds like my childhood,  I love the Spanish, I love his short, little tightly-packed torso and I especially love the swagger.  Boy’s got swagger like Donnie Wahlberg, and I don’t even know why that attracts me, but Pitbull (and a variety of special guests) sang me round and round in circles tonight and I had the best time a girl can have after cleaning up a bowl of chili down the heating vent and a bloody toe!  🙂  

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