I Want Candy!

Lately I’ve had this big old head with a big, loud mouth attached to it saying things like, “I don’t have a problem with eating too much food anymore!” I’ve been marveling about that. In my lifetime, I’ve never been filled up- I’ve always wanted to eat and eat and eat as long as more tasty morsels still exist. I’ve noticed lately that I can eat most stuff and my mouth and tummy seem to know when it is time to stop. I’ll eat a piece of cake and stop long before I need to. I’ll eat a bag of popcorn and be satisfied. After my ice cream serving goes down, I’m good. After dinner, I drink a glass of water and feel satisfied. NO PROBLEM! Candy though…
Sha. Right.
My mouth just wants to eat it all!
This weekend we bought a gigantic tub of cheese puffs, a bag of candy corn, a sack of caramel and a Baggie of Hershey’s Kisses for my daughter’s sleepover party on Friday. Before the party, it was nooooo problem. During the party the candy and cheese poofs weren’t a problem either. Saturday morning, though, was a game changer. There were leftovers and my belly knew it! I woke up and went on the prowl! I ended up eating three candy corns, nine kisses, six caramels and several handfuls of cheezie-poofs. The candy overwhelmed my system- I immediately felt like I had a lead balloon in my stomach, but I still wanted more. CRAVED more!
So I’d say I still have a problem, at least when it comes to candy. I had to tell myself no all weekend long.
My kids have been put on notice. This year I’m going to have my kids treat their Halloween baskets like they treat their easter baskets- they need to be out of my sight and up in their bedrooms or I will inhale every chocolate-nut-filled-peanut-buttery-nougaty delight that I can unwrap before my anyone sees.
Because I still have a problem with some kinds of food, CLEARLY!

There is nothing significant about this picture. I just really hate it when I have a photo-free blog post, so here I am in street clothes! You have seen Halloween costumes and running clothes a-plenty. How’s about Tamarella in a new birthday top for a change, hmmm? 🙂

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