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Today I got out and ran for a little while.  I went around my loop once, then decided to keep on going and did another mini loop to total 3.2.  There were a lot of people out today.  The sun was shining; it was gorgeous and I wanted to just go and go forever.  I didn’t, though, and I’m glad of it.  Truth be told, I am a bit sore In the hips and thighs after not running so much.  When I got on the scale, though, I was down another pound!!!  195!  It feels so good to be peeling off the numbers again!  If I keep this up, I may meet my goal of weighing 170 sooner than I think!  Wouldn’t that be sweet?  I do love January.  For some reason I can bring it when the calendar turns.

I’ve been reading over at Sacred Coffee lately about the virtual races she keeps doing.  I like the idea of signing up, paying the money and getting a medal in the mail for when you actually run the race.  She doesn’t look at her medals until she finishes the event and part of the reward is unwrapping it to see it.  I think it sounds like kids of a fun way to give myself an incentive to run my longer runs.  Seriously, I can’t even stand to consider running 10 miles some weekend, just for practice.  A finisher’s medal makes it seem more necessary and motivated somehow.  It’s funny because when I first started running I thought the medals were ridiculous, but now?  I like them better than the tshirts (which I rarely, if ever, wear).  As my clanking collection of bling grows so does my pride in it.  Silly, but fun.

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  1. Lesleigh A

    I’ve been thinking about doing a virtual race lately too. I love the idea of doing a run wherever I want, by myself and getting a medal! Plus the medals always look so cool.

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