I Joined the Gym

That’s right! You’re looking at a full-fledged, add-on member of 24 Hour Fitness! I can go at 3:AM to lift weights, now, if I want to. Awake at 2:AM with insomnia? No problem- I can go run on a treadmill at my gym! Or down in my garage. Isn’t it funny that buying a complete home gym still didn’t preclude me from joining a gym? I never, in a million years, thought I’d be even remotely interested in a gym until Zumba. There I was, thinking I was just going to support my friends and fell in luuuurve. So now you know where to find me around 4:30 on Tuesdays and Fridays!
What made me finally decide to join?
1. I felt it when I missed the fun on Tuesday. Like, bad. I knew everyone was there breaking a sweat and I really wanted to be a part of that.
2. I learned about a deal they had this month where I could waive all of the joining fees and simply ‘add on’ to a friend’s membership. Julie let me tag onto her membership and it’s only 30 dollars a month!
3. With the add on, my membership is month by month. I don’t have to commit to more than that, so if I don’t use it all summer I don’t have to pay either!
4. I lost two pounds last week along with everyone else. If I can even come close to that for the next seven weeks, I could totally be in the 180’s the next time I go to California. Uhm… Where do I sign up?
I’m totally excited and am planning on visiting on Tuesdays and Fridays for the next seven weeks. In between, I think I can get two runs in per week with Bradley, maybe three, and training for my 10K should be easy. I’m so stoked. This could be the final countdown!!! LOL!
I do, however, admit to a little bit of fear when it comes time to quit the gym…

A friend of mine recently posted a link to my Facebook timeline with this comment:
“I love this message … “Never Surrender” not just for weight lose, but for life. It is my new life motto. You have inspired so many people and thought maybe you’d like to see this.”
I was just floored. It’s amazing to me that people might look at me and feel the way I felt about her when I watched this video. I don’t go out seeking things like this, which is strange since I’m very interested in stories like my own. People who have lost over 100 pounds are common enough that everyone knows someone, but uncommon enough that the bigger losers are noteworthy. We are more rare than I think and her story, like mine, is just amazing as an observer. She started at 345, I started at 340. It is weird though, quite honestly. I don’t quite ‘see’ myself all of the time and the change that has taken place. I kind of just do this thing that, from the outside might look miraculous, or would have to me when I was sitting at 340. From the inside though it just feels like life. Living. Honestly, though? It is pretty amazing, what I’ve done. I need to own that.

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