I Do Run Run


Miles – 6.3
Goal- 10
Abs- 0
Goal- 3 (4 for the goodie)

I am clean tuckered. It is a crazy work week, I think I’m going to go ahead and forgive the negligent abs this week. I’m not saying I’m giving up, I’m saying I’m not going to worry if I only get two workouts in. Or one.
I’ve had a bit of a struggle lately. I get doubtful sometimes and over-think things to the point of worry and I start brooding. Usually it’s about my interpersonal relationships, and when I get broody like that I start to sabotage myself. I think that is what happened this weekend. I was not making poor choices, or at least too many poor choices, but I was letting go a little. I was cutting loose, getting comfortable and started playing those games you play when you really don’t feel like making healthy choices… Broken cookies don’t count… A handful doesn’t count… It’s ok to walk… Or quit early… Or just not go at all.
Then it was like the universe saw and gave me a hug. There have been a few things that have happened over the past two days that have puffed me back up, made me want to stand tall and pumped me full of motivation again.
I feel amazing again. I weighed 238.4 this morning- a drop since my bloated 244 of last week.
One of my dearest friends contacted me. She is one of the people who I saw start losing and she started feeling amazing. She inspired me to start. She was indomitable! Then life happened, she fell out of practice and now she’s searching for the path that is going to make her the strong mother and wife she wants to be. So she called me. It was such an honor to have her reach out to me for help just like I did to her years ago, I’m so flattered to repay my debt.
In this conversation we were talking about exercise and what the doctors say. She has a series of injuries that prevent her from doing pretty much anything. She’s in a tight spot as each doctor prescribes another joint or muscle area to rest or exercise to avoid or perform. It’s tricky, but I also wonder what is the equational benefit between saving that joint and prolonging her life. If the exercise might compromise her knee but add ten years to her life, which is the better choice?
As my Grandma Johnson would have said, “It’s a deep subject.” <3

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