Hip-Hop Boot Camp

I never thought I’d attend such a class. Hip-hop boot camp? Which I call booty camp? And yet… There I am, lifting myself off the ground, kicking my legs higher, higher, slower, slower… Oh my goodness. It was a good workout.
I’ve come to learn a few things about myself: 1. I run and have strong legs therefore I love any exercise that exploits my legs. 2. I stopped doing my floor and weight work at home, thus have not as strong arms and abs as legs and struggle through the abs and arms songs. Guess what I need to work out a lot more? There’s definitely something to be said for participating in a comprehensive workout like the one I had today. I know my weak areas for sure.

Today was a hoot- again. Even through the push-ups, planks, burpees and crunches, we laughed, danced and had the best time! There were six of us today- Julie, Tanya, Christina, Jessica, me, and Janice was there when I was there for the first time today, and she is joining the gym, too! Its like this once in a lifetime opportunity where we just happened to come together and it’s working! We couldn’t have created it if we tried- it just organically happened. It’s been so fun to see this group of women expand and I’m so proud of and grateful to my friends, Julie and Laurie, for pulling us all together in the name of fitness, fun and health! Booty camp for sure! I came home and weighed in at 197, again, so I’m pleased to note that with future work I should get closer and closer to my goal!

Have you done the age robot yet? I was interested to see how it aged me at my different weights and it generally aged me more when I was heavy… But it was pretty darn close on the more recent ones. Many people said the age robot was complimentary… What does that say about me?! It was fairly accurate! LOL!
Tomorrow I want to go for a run with Bradley so we continue with our exercise habit and relationship as well. He’s not been feeling very well lately with allergies and thinks he’s ready to hit the road again. I need to keep on training! I realized Mother’s Day is next weekend and I need to be able to run the Color Run 5K that I selected as my Mother’s Day gift, not to mention my future 10K! Just keep moving, Tamara.
As DW says: ‘Rise and grind.’ Keep it going… Speaking of, I’m hyper aware that I get to see my NKOTB in five days and that they are starting their tour tonight. In another city, I’d be watching their show… Squeeee!!!


  1. Suzanne

    I just found a link to your blog from Runs for Cookies when I was reading a Motivational Monday. I have over 100 pounds to lose and I am just restarting my journey. I am looking forward to reading back through your blog. Thanks for sharing your journey!

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