Hello Weekend!

It was a good week.
That’s saying a lot. I’ve had a shift at work that threw me into a tailspin at first, but things seemed to settle down this week and by the time the kids left for home on Thursday, I sat down in my chair, looked at my list of things to do and realized I could check all of my boxes! It only took two and a half months, but I finally feel like I’m kind of caught up at work! Man, that was a nice feeling. I celebrated by cleaning my desk and sorting through a pile of papers. You know when you’re organizing unnecessarily that things are going okay! On Friday I actually ate lunch outside of my classroom! Amazing! LOL!

I’m also happy to report a stellar exercise week. I was able to run on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday outside in the freezing, cold sunshine, and today I worked out in my gym on the elliptical and treadmill for almost an hour. I feel my strength and confidence as an athlete returning, and that feels really good.

I have to admit that I’ve been avoiding the scale, though. My eating, while not terrible, has definitely had stuff in it that makes me worry. Now that I’m not eating artificial sugars, I’m adding sugar into my coffee, into my tea and in places that used to be free before. I’ve been finding that night eating is becoming a problem and I’m really trying to get that back under control. It’s been a little tricky and satisfying my sweet tooth has been a little challenging. Halloween left a trail of chocolate through my house that I definitely sniffed out. I’m glad to say that it’s all gone now and our house is clean.

That said, I wore a pair of size 14 pants yesterday that were insanely tight on me right after Halloween and they felt a lot looser. It gave me a little bit of confidence that I might have lost a little bit more. Today I mustered up my courage to weigh myself in and saw 206.6! I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. It seems that since I upped the exercise ante a little it’s making up for the extra sugar consumption. I have lost four pounds since Halloween and it feels soooo good!

Lastly, I’ve made a new friend at work who has been reading my blog from the beginning and is using it as one of her motivating forces to make her own shift toward a more healthy, active life. She texts me from time to time to update me on her progress and thinking and it pleases me to no end to know we’ve connected over this and I have one more person to gush over weightloss and exercise with! Keep trucking, Julie! 🙂

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