Heating Up

It’s been sitting right between 76-85 this week, but the humidity has been moistening that business right up. Sheesh. It’s damp, sweaty and hot, HOT, HOT in Seattle! Hot enough that I have tassels on my corn and ripening tomatoes in July. I remember last summer trying really hard to be a good runner, but I hate running in the heat. I hate being that sweaty- so sweaty that as I run the sweat drips down into my eyes, stinging me, making me cry and taste salt every time I lick my lips. More than that, I hate the feeling of not being able to get a deep breath. Running in the heat is suffocating to me. Yuck.
I feel like I have been doing a decent, but not excellent, job of moving every day. Today, however, I started watching Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition, and, sometimes when I watch those shows I just get disgusted and irritated with myself. They have been able to do this in a year with the exact same tools I have, so why aren’t I weighing in the 170’s yet?? It’s been well over a year! Today I decided to make up for that with a long workout out of the heat and in the “spaceship” (remember- that is code for gym/garage)! I got on the elliptical and finished watching the most recent Hell’s Kitchen episode, then moved on to EM:WLE. I ended up riding that machine for a little over and hour, then hit the Bowflex, then I took my son out for a bike ride. After that I felt hot and sweaty, so I got my bathing suit on and the kids and I made a whirlpool in the pool by running circles in thigh-deep water for about 30 minutes. After that? I made dinner and was pooped out. LOL!
But I feel very good about my good choices today, both in diet and exercise. I made a very veggie- heavy dinner tonight of grilled corn, grilled Brussels sprouts, grilled tomato bruschetta, cabbage salad and grilled vegetarian shrimp. Colorful, flavorful and from the grill! Two years ago if I had served this dinner there would have been complaints at the lack of carbs. This year, we eat it without notice (unless I get all prideful about it, like now).
All-in-all, a very good day!

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