Halloween Zumba

I went to Zumba!  On Halloween!  For 90 minutes!  In a costume!  

Ok.  I will stop speaking in exclamation points now…  I keep wondering when the time will come that I’ll stop being amazed at my life.  Like, when will I just accept that it’s not a big deal for me to choose to work out on a holiday?  In my past life, a holiday was a special day.  A day off from everything, including fitness or diet.  Halloween was code for ‘eat all the candy that you want and then eat some more,’ I think.  So to shift my holiday from one focused almost entirely on collecting and consuming candy to actually prioritizing and making it to Zumba is a pretty big nonscale victory for me.  Then I went through and inventoried my past, current and future celebrations, and I realized that I ran a half marathon for my 42nd birthday, went to an hour and a half of Zumba on Halloween and I’m starting out my Thanksgiving with a free 5k for the Lynnwood Food Bank!  They aren’t collecting money to run, just food.  Isn’t that the coolest??  But I realized I’ve started celebrating with activity instead of food.  I honestly didn’t think it was possible, back in the day, to have our focus elsewhere, but I’m proud that we’ve managed to make headway without even feeling the impact.

  {The Zumba crew, Camille is in the gold hat, our other instructor was the parrot, named Julie Z- loved her, too}

Zumba was pretty awesome.  It was at the Redmond Super Gym, which is a little more fancy schmancy than the one I usually go to.  Usually it would cost me a little more, but I used code word ‘Camille’ and was waved right in because it was a special event.  I walked in to find the lights dim, Thriller playing and lots of people in costume.  Immediately it was fun and festive.  Camille and Julie Z took turns teaching- Camille lead our boot camp type songs while Julie Z had awesome Zumba routines.  Like, usually I find Zumba to be fun but a little more straightforward and repetitive, but Julie Z did an amazing job of striking the balance.  I got an amazing workout!

 {Yep.  I’m the one, towering above everyone else, in the red hat.😄}

Needless to say, I had a good time and I won’t hesitate to ever join in on one of the ‘fun’ kinds of ‘special events’ that the gyms put on.  It’s like being a kid in school- remember that the Valentine’s and Halloween party days were just the best days??  It’s not because the party was that great, it was because the novelty made it memorable, and I will remember this Zumba class and monster mashing my way down the center aisle in my Where’s Waldo outfit for many many years.  Thanks to the other, friendly, ghoulish dancers and, especially, to the two, fantastic instructors that lead us in collective booty shaking this Halloween!


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