I’m on a streak! Of two days! LOL!
It’s a streak a bit longer than two days, really, but as of the commitment to myself, it’s been two days and I’m going strong. Last night I made plans with Bradley to run together after school and on my way home he texted me to let me know our daughter was coming, too! And Jude was running as far as his friend’s house, where he was playing while we ran! Perfect!

Today was gorgeous. The sun was out, the sky was rich blue and white, rhododendrons were in bloom, squirrels were chattering and the birds were singing. At one point, I raised my nose into the air, breathed deep and the world smelled of spring- flowers, dirt, LIFE! I love the world, today, and life and my family… Life is good!
Going running or exercising in any capacity and, really, just being out in the sunshine does amazing things for me.
I wanted to mention the power of community: My friend, Julie, from work and I often check in with one another regarding workout plans for the night. Yesterday she asked me if I was planning to work out, I said yes and she did too. Today, we both commented that were it not for that commitment in passing to one another, both of us may have skipped the workout. I was grouchy, she was tired and neither of us wanted to do it, but knowing we made the promise made us both get our rears in gear and we were both so happy that we did!

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