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I’m feeling a little bit accomplished today.  I never quite believe that after I take a break from my workout and eating routine that I’ll get back to it.  While I’m not as anxious as I once was about it, I certainly worry that this is going to be the time that I really fall off the wagon…  Perhaps that is just a healthy dose of fear that keeps me in line and it’s really just what I need.  Bradley’s car wreck related injuries are just tenacious- his back went out while we were in Idaho and I’m sitting at th doctors office while I write this.  He rarely visits the doctor, if that tells you anything.  So the bulk of ‘stuff’ has fallen to my shoulders as he is recovering with ice packs, stretches, bath soaks and massages.  Yesterday I took the kids on a short hike through St. Ed’s.  It was one of the few times I’ve taken them there alone, with the Bradley, and the kicker was that we had Freddie Sparkles with us.  It was her first time going on a hike with a leash and I was so proud!  The little pupper followed us everywhere, uphill and down!  She was interested in the smells but was very motivated to continue forward, and because of that, I believe I have the makings of a great hiking and running dog!  She’s fast, too!  See:

Ok, so maybe that picture doesn’t illustrate as much speed as CUTE!  Lol!  I’m kind of falling deeply, which is very good.  I thought I was not interested in having another dog around so soon after Martha, but I missed having that buddy.  The reliable friend who is always excited to see me.  Freddie Sparkles goes nuts on whenever she sees me, lately, and I actually find myself getting jealous when someone else has held her a lot and I want a turn…  Silly, I know.  It’s better than the alternative of not liking her, though.  I’m just over the moon.  Am I a dork or what?  Waxing on about my puppy…  😜😂👍

In addition to lighting a few sparklers last night there was a salt course.  You know how people have a cheese course or soup course?  We had one, big salt course and I was so thirsty allll night because of it!  This morning?  Bleh.  I fault the cantaloupe and watermelon growers because the diet soda and potato chips just tasted way better than the fruit!  They should know better, right?  Anyhow, this morning I woke up feeling like I should work out but really felt bloated and gross, so I made a deal with myself that if I found out that any other people from my accountability were going to the free Zumba class offered in my school district then I would go too.  I checked, there were two headed that way, so off I went!  I wasn’t expecting the class to be as good as it was, but the instructor isn’t just a hobbyist teacher, she actively teaches at local gyms and is regularly updated with her routines!  I was so impressed and I’m so excited to start going to Zumba again!  There’s nothing like it for toning my torso.  Before Zumba I was an apple.  Now I’m a pear.  I will take it!

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  1. Paula

    Your puppy is the cutest! What kind of dog is she? St. Ed’s looks like a great place for a hike or run. I am jealous! Hopefully Bradley will be feeling better real soon.

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