Four Good Things

One: I did not pop back up in weight after recovering from my flu like I thought I would. I only went up one pound. I’m now weighing in at 195 and I’m not complaining about it one bit!
Two: A dear friend of mine, who will remain nameless because I don’t know if she wants her new, smaller sizes to be advertised on the web, told me she just went out and bought some size 12 pants and medium shirts. To me, she is so tiny and to know that we were both wearing a size 14 at the same time blew my ever loving mind! I suddenly had a comp to my size and I liked what I saw! It was one of those lightbulb moments that helped put things into perspective for me!
Three: Another friend of mine is getting married and I got invited to her wedding! We’ve known one another for years, but this year I learned how absolutely much I love and appreciate her, so to be invited is especially an honor at this point in our relationship. I may have shed a few tears but I’m not admitting anything. It’s one of the few weddings that I’ve ever been invited to that I really, really wanted a ticket to. It’s going to be gorgeous and she is so happy. Love. Seriously. Isn’t it the best?
Four: When I made the then/now picture in my most recent post (scroll down to the next post and you can gander at me in my 300-pound, swim-suited glory), it was difficult for me to line everything up. These days I try to always stand with my feet the same distance apart and looking the same way. When I place the photos side by side, I resize the pictures so my feet are in the same place and my hairline is in the same place too. If I don’t, in one picture I look taller than another and it looks like I’m trying to make things look more dramatic than they are- which I try NEVER to do. You might think the shoulders would work, too, but look at what happened when I zoomed in! Can you believe how much weight I lost off of my shoulders and neck? It’s just NUTS! My neck got so much longer!!

All right. Happy Saturday. 13 more days of school and then this roller coaster of crazy can finally come to a halt. 🙂

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