Four Day Weekend

It is the four day weekend and I am loving it. It’s so fun to arrive to Sunday night and not have to do ANYTHING to get ready for a work week.

*my daughter thinks wearing a sports bra and capris is a super cool exercise look and begged me to don this number so we could be twins. 🙂
It has been a really exercise-y weekend. I knew I was going to the spa today- a traditional Korean Spa with all the heated rooms and stuff- so I pushed myself really hard. Yesterday we cleared the room out to make our family room look like a yoga studio, and my whole family did the entire Jillian Michaels Burn Fat and Build Metabolism workout. Even my five year old stuck with it for the entire 57 minutes! I was so proud of him! My husband kept saying we were ninjas, punching the bad guys here and climbing a wall there. It was pretty cute. My daughter is just charmed to be working out with Jillian from the Biggest Loser. After that, I still needed to get 3000 more steps on my meter, so I hopped on the elliptical for a ‘few minutes’. A few minutes stretched to thirty minutes as I finally got to 10,000 steps! I was a wee bit tired, I assure. All of this was followed up with a few arm curls and free weights.
This morning we went for a run and did the big hill. By the time I got into the spa, I was so ready for the pools, the hot stone rooms, the salt room… Except I was so hot from getting my blood pumping that I think I spent more time in the cold rooms.
I’ve never done the salt scrub thing at the Korean Spa (we went to Bella Luna, it was fine, but not my favorite) and it was exactly as described. The ladies pull you out of the soaking pool. You wear nothing while they are dressed, literally, in lacy underwear. You get up on a table that is just kind of off to the side of the bathing pools and lay there, quite publicly, for an hour while they scrub and scrub and scrub and scrub then rub oil all over you. You lay on your back, on your front, one side, then the other, then do it again. I almost slid off the table a few times, so did my friend. Then she washed my hair (?!) and put cold, grated cucumber all over my face. My skin is pretty smooth and I feel pretty good! I liked it. The spa was a good thing, and something that is fairly new to me. Last year at this time was my first spa experience. I suppose you could say I’m a convert!
I weighed in at 207.
So happy. 😉

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