Five days till the last day- school days, that is. There’s a weekend in there too. Have I finished report cards? Nope. Is my classroom summer ready? Getting there. Am I having a blast with my student- the sweetest class evah? YES! I’m in denial. The last day? what is “last day”? I’m going to miss these kiddos. It’s been a good year.
That said… I’m clean tuckered. So tired.
It is warrior week and I seem to be gaining. Not gaining for real- just 2-3 pounds of water just chilling on my frame. Bradley has the same thing going on. So irritating. When I look at our diet it is not a calorie issue. It is a salt issue. I think that I need to lay off the soda again, be more mindful of eating crackers and stuff like that. I start to get lazy sometimes and start substituting empty carbs for solid, healthy fruits and veggies that have the same caloric value. I need to be thinking about more than calories- this is how I start slipping into bad choices and plus sized clothing. I know I feel good when I’m eating as clean as possible. I’m recommitting to that right NOW.
Despite the tiredness and salty choices, I’m still keeping moving. I really didn’t want to run tonight, but I did. Not far, just a mile and a half to show my body who is boss (that would be my brain, if you were wondering). So far this week I’m at 4 miles, not bad. Plus I’ve done one round of weights, and guess what I’m about to do as soon as I post this? Yup.
Last night I was so pleased with myself after I did the weights routine. When I’m a good kid and control myself I end the day with such a complete sense of satisfaction. That’s what exercise does for me lately. I just need to remember that when I’m making my healthy food choices as well.
Cheers for a successful day tomorrow!

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