Feeling All Kinds Of Sunday

This past week was harder than I expected.  We stepped back into the classroom on Tuesday, 1/2 and, for all intents and purposes I should have been ready to return, but man.  It was a grind!  I came home this weekend and slept hard- 10 hours both nights.  I may be ready to face the next week, yet!  I couldn’t bring myself to take down my holiday decorations yet, though.  It’s still Christmas at Lj House!  

I had a solid week.  I got 10,000 steps on most days and was able to squeeze in three runs and two gym workouts- not bad!  In addition to working out, I did the hard job of shifting my eating habits back to a more reasonable place.  Telling myself no was so hard, but by the end of day one, I already felt stronger.  Ts morning I still weighed 234, so I feel safe claiming my five pound loss! Four more pounds till I reach my dietbet!!

Going into next week I want to: 

  • Run three times: 4 miles and two runs just to stay running (1-4 miles, long run next Saturday, total of 6-10 miles)
  • Spin-n-lift class on Monday 
  • Zumba or lifting Thursday
  • Continue to eat smart
  • Dial back night eating even more- ditch the cereal and just go with the banana, don’t eat past 8:00
  • Meet Step goals 

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