Fast Like Chuck Norris

Feeling a little bit studly.  Yep.  Cock of the walk.  The big cheese.  VIP in the houuuuse!

Why oh why might I be walking around with a swollen head?  It’s not my weight, which is a mystery to me…  Exercising on the regular and eating smart and I still gained two pounds…  I’m feeling pretty smart because of fastness!  I’m a cheetah.  A gazelle!  (In my dreams.) This morning, Jude and I went for a short run- just over two miles with the dog.  It felt slow.  It felt like we kept stopping for this or that, but we picked up the pace a little for our second mile.  Or we picked up the pace a lot!  We ran it in 8:36!!  I haven’t had a fast mile like that in a really long time- like in over a year!  It must have had something to do with my marvelous running partner.  ❤️

I tried to figure out why my miles haven’t been that fast of late and I realized that I’ve been on a distance campaign the whole time I’ve been a runner.    I’m always trying to up the mileage with the assumption that when I get ‘there’ I’ll start working a little with speed and/or speed will kind of happen organically with continued, consistent running.  Unfortunately I haven’t quite figured out what ‘there’ is.  How far is far enough for me?  Do I have full marathon dreams in my future?  I think that daily running of three miles is reasonable, but as far as my push distance goes, I keep working up to the half marathon then backing way off.  It’s almost like I need to just decide, for once and for all, that my long distance is the 13.1.  That way I can have weekly longer runs that support the far distance but also with shorter distances midweek where I can focus more on speed training.  Anyhow, the captain of Team Awesome (me) is feeling a little Chuck Norris tonight- I didn’t go for a run, the run went for a Tamara and we killed it! 😂

Last night I made this heaping pile of food.  It’s my version of baked potatoes and I was abso-smurfly stuffed afterwards.  Mostly I wanted to show what a ricer is and what the food looks like on the other side.  Riced cauliflower is super juicy so I strain it before plating.  😉 Even with all of this, I still ate under my calorie allowance for yesterday!  Woot woot!  I learned from a friend of mine that weightloss and muscle building aren’t exclusive activities.  Even when trying to cut fat from your body it’s still good to lift. I suppose I’ve got no good excuses left- it’s time to get the weights going in earnest!  Maybe I’ll see about adding that in next week.  Before I know it I’m going to have a whole regiment underway!  Cheers for a great Monday night!

Ps: Jude noticed that I sweat love becasue it’s in a heart shape.  Awwww- sweet boy!  At the halfway point he confessed that going for a run was kind of fun and at the end he thanks me because he really liked chatting with me.  I feel like such a lucky mama!  

And because we need some more Chuck Norris in the world…  😉

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  1. Paula

    8:36? That is fast!! Tonight I did my run on the treadmill. It has 9 different programmed speed runs. I have managed to get to #5 & I nailed it tonight. I have read so many things about running & one is you need to work on distance or speed but not at the same time. I have been working on 1 speed run a week & 3 HR (heart rate) runs per week. I think running the 3 runs @ my heart rate has been huge. The more efficient my heart is the faster I can run at a good heart rate. Have you heard of the 80/20 book on running? I have been loosely following this & my time has improved. BTW-what a wonderful comment your son made! Speaking on Chuck Norris, I have been thinking about purchasing a Total Gym for my resistance training. I too have not been working on my muscles & know how important it is.

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