Eye of the Beholder

I haven’t done one of these in a while. I like seeing these things 😉
There aren’t HUGE changes or anything, but it’s fun to compare and contrast. I just am noticing that I’m a wee bit smoother, my boobs are definitely shrinking… I’m just kinda less.. Lumpy, I suppose. I’ll take it.
I’m not so much losing weight right now, but I am seeing a lot of change in my tone and skin shrinkage. I’m liking that pretty much as much as I like losing pounds!

I took this picture today. I know, we ladies are really good at selfies, but sheesh! I get surprised at that chick who keeps smiling back at me in my camera. I get surprised because it’s me and I think that lady looking back at me is really, well, dare I say it? Pretty. (moment of wearing my heart on my sleeve here). I see myself and think I’m pretty. I know, I know, I have always been beautiful inside and out, blah blah, blah and I’m doing this for my health, blah blah blah, but just for a moment, I’m going to let myself look at my own image and see the self that is emerging as pretty. What a nice thing to think about myself. Vanity- it’s a toughie for me.
So what’s a girl to do who thinks she might be pretty? If she is a total dork like me she puts that theory to the test by putting headphones on and earnestly lipsyncing NKOTB songs in the mirror to herself to see if she would look weird or ok if she were a celebrity and the paparazzi was determined to get one of those horrible pictures of someone in mid-speak… You know the ones. So here I am, really sharing my soul with you here…

If there was any question of whether I’m too pretty or too cool or in any danger of me losing my dorky girl status… Well… I think we’ve solved those quandaries.


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