Doctor & Party

It was birthday time last night. We invited six guests over for an epic circus/rainbow/candy party complete with carnival games and hour long scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt had about two miles of miles factored in, so we even got to move a little!
The food was no problem for me, even though cake, cookie dough pops, lollipops and other treats abounded. I just ate normal food and nibbled a little on some chocolate covered pretzels. The girls all crashed by one in the morning and slept until almost eight! It all went really well!

Before the festivities began, however, I had an interesting doctor’s appointment. I went in to check my stomach inside and outside. I have a weird stomach issue that resulted in an ulcer for me that gives me substantial pain once a week or so. So I had to get a test to see how that is going and hopefully to get another round of medicine to cure it.
I also talked about my belly skin. I asked my doctor to just document that I have excess skin hanging off of me and its causing some rashes and making clothing uncomfortable. I thought I would have to fight for skin augmentation, but she was totally onboard and made notes about it for my file. It was nice to have that service actually be accessible to me so far. I have about 50 pounds to lose before I want to think seriously about the skin decision, but I have to say it seems like a really nice thing to do.
Lastly, I talked with her about exercise induced asthma. She and I both determined that I probably have a mild case of exercise induced asthma and I got an inhaler to use on very hot and/or humid days when I can predict future chest tightening. While I will probably only rarely use it, I’m glad to have it in my arsenal. She was incredibly positive about my weightloss and wished me much luck in my future success. She had no problem with me running and saw no reason to stop because of joint issues. It was tremendously reaffirming to hear her say that!

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