We made our yearly pilgrimage to Disneyland.  We were there during the eclipse, the Pokémon World competition and for the local annual pass holder’s first day to use their passes again.  The result was that the first few days were pretty awesome and vacant while the last two days were absolutely nuts!  We found ourselves choosing the walk to and from the park over waiting for the busses, this time, and wracked up over 20,000 steps per day.  I’m always surprised by how easy Disneyland is, now that I’ve lost so much weight.  It used to be that Disneyland was a killer.  My feet, back and legs would just ache after a day in the park.  The bus was a necessity, not a luxury.  This time I picked gigi up and carried her on my back for half a block.  Her weight plus my weight adds up to my heaviest weight, and it was painful to walk!  My hips and knees hurt so bad, I couldn’t believe I walked around like that all of the time.  I’m so glad I don’t have to do that anymore.   It was a pretty incredible experiment!  We had a fabulous time, as always, and bought the annual passes so we can return next summer for the cost of airfare and hotel.  

Can’t pass these guys by!

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  1. Paula

    20,000 steps is crazy!! I ran 5.6 miles today & with my Sunday routine I only got 15,500. I have not been to Disney Land, only Disney World. It is a great place to escape reality even if it only for a short time.

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