Destroy My Sweater

I decided to retire this sweater tunic thingy. Last year I bought it at Ross for 3.99. At the time, it seemed like an autumnal addition to my closet as well as a quick Velma outfit were I ever needed to be a part of an ensemble Scooby Doo cast at the last minute. I have the sweater with the giant turtleneck and I can knock the lenses outta some glasses at a moment’s notice! But no longer. Today I was asked, “What is this? What is it?” The ‘this’ in question was my tummy, as this child pressed into it over and over..
So I told this very sweet child, who has some developmental delays, “That’s my tummy.”
He pealed out with giggles and retorted that, “It is a fat tummy!”
Other kids saw what was happening, and one child joined in, “You look like you’re pregnant!”
I returned that, “A gentleman never tells a woman she looks pregnant until he knows for sure that she is pregnant. And I am not pregnant,” followed by me, very nicely, telling the children that I was finished discussing the state of my tummy with them. I walked to my desk, kind of shaken, kind of sad and feeling really weird. No one was trying to be mean, it was just observational by children, but it was hard to hear such an honest assessment of my body.

The irony is this: I pretty much met my goal of losing that five pounds before Thanksgiving. Hello 220! Guess the spa is mine… But that goal was intended to keep my hand out of the candy bowl this Halloween, so maybe I’ll buy a body scrub treatment or something if I continue to lose weight until then.

Gorgeous Girl and I went for a run today. I arrived home to a slumping, exhausted husband who couldn’t take a step out the door. I asked Gigi if she was up for a run and she ran off to get ready! She was a little disappointed that I didn’t run in just my sports bra and running pants. I had to let her know that Mama might never run down the street in just a sports bra and running pants. Ever. We ran 1.8 miles at a 10:45 mile. My times are getting faster and faster lately and I’m feeling really good about that. This includes the time we stopped to tie a shoe, to rescue a runaway dog and the stitch-in-the-side walking times. I feel really proud of that!

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