I went and saw Jordan Knight on Thursday. I can’t even tell you what it is about seeing boy band members live, but seriously. SERIOUSLY!

So, yeah, kinda crushing on the whole boy band thing. Sigh. FYI- that was a dreamy sigh…
It was touch and go there though. I had the stomach flu on Wednesday, stayed home on Thursday too with it, then thanked my lucky stars when 1:00 in the afternoon rolled around and all of my symptoms disappeared. I was so relieved! I spent too much time primping in front of the mirror to get rid of that just-had-the-stomach-flu pallor, but it was worth it. We found the venue only to find out that they had moved the show to a smaller, more intimate setting, so we hightailed it to the right place right as the band started warming up. I planted myself about 20 feet from the stage and got ready.

I’m not going to lie. It was loud. Women yell louder than little girls, and when they pack them that tightly into a small facility like that it is pretty intense. And yell they did! It was all for good though. Nick Carter and Jordan Knight worked hard for us. They had their cute little boy band moves down and they were shimmying all over the stage in unison. Nick repeatedly blew kisses and winks into the audience while Jordan vamped it up in the background. I was so close to them that it was no problem to see their faces. And some of the faces they made… Well, let’s just say that it’s clear they usually play bigger arenas where dramatic faces need to be used so the folks in the nosebleeds can tell what’s going on. But I was really close.
My favorite moment had to be when they started playing some of the older songs from their boy and pasts. Of course, I was prepared for NKOTB music, but when they started singing BSB Larger Than Life and I Want it That Way, Bradley and I started laughing so hard. In our early 20’s we had a Backstreet Boys disc that a friend had given to us. I listened to it but drove Bradley up a wall with it, so to be at a concert, singing along with a real, live Backstreet Boy is something neither of us ever expected!
Didn’t matter. I smiled the whole time and was so glad to finally cash in my birthday tickets. I’m already looking forward to the next New Kids experience, and Bradley said he’d even come with me. I love that boy and those boys! 🙂

{You can’t see it well, but that’s the Pike Place Market sign behind my lurid husband and I. }

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