Couldn’t Wait

This was me about 20 minutes ago:

It’s not my fault. We went to Ross and Bradley encouraged me to get a bunch of new running pants. They were all so inexpensive and once I got them home I just had to try a pair out. Don’t judge. I also needed to work off the 1/2 burger, salad and deep fried habanero macaroni and cheese ball that I happily consumed when I got surprise taken out to eat to kick off Mother’s Day weekend.
So I had to run. And run. And run. I planned on the big block which is about about 1.8 and when I finished that one I felt pretty stinking good so I did the short block which is an even 1 mile and when I finished that one I realized how close I was to finishing a 5k so went around and short cut through the school to finish the whole thing, totaling 3.4 miles in 37 minutes! I felt amazing! Taking the time off was a smart idea. Running tonight was an excellent idea. Plus, I made my goal of 12 miles for the week! Anything I do tomorrow will be gravy.
I fit a size 16 today when I was at Ross. A SIZE 16 PEOPLE. I bought those pants. You bet I did.


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