Conference Week, Day One

I checked day one of conferences off about three hours ago! It feels good! I actually am the rare one who likes conferences. I can chit chat all day until the cows come home, and conferences are just that: chatting about all these cool little people I get to hang out with all day every day all week long! And no, that is not tongue in cheek at all. I love teaching, being a teacher and working with children with passion. The system I do it in can be a bit sticky, but we do our best.
I committed to running three miles this afternoon and I followed through with that commitment. We headed out as soon as I arrived home and we made a slowish pace over 3.3 miles. My thighs are really burning lately on my runs. That’s been interesting. I don’t know why my thighs feel so much stress lately! I got to 3.1 miles and decided to walk the remaining .2 miles the rest of the way home. The other day we walked about a mile after our run and I really enjoyed having relaxed time to walk and chat with my love. The next good thing about the cool down walk is that I’m ready for the hot tub when I get home- I’m not boiling hot! Quick shower and I can go right in.

‘Blur’- the dog. Do you think Miss Martha is happy about the autumnal weather?!

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