Chugging Along

{derpy run face of the day}
Yesterday I sat, looking at my iPad wondering where my active thinking is. What should I write for my blog? I always have a bajillion things I’m anxious to put out into the ether. My mind whirs constantly, processing my feelings about weightloss, information about nutrition, finding out more and reporting about building muscle and then just my long, ranty feelings about things having to do with fitness, fat and losing weight.
But lately my mind is whirring over my new students, my school, the school year and the ever present looming question of what’s going to jump out and surprise me. That can be anything from the social side of working with other grown ups to responding to the government’s take on education. You just never know… And I’m on weightloss and fitness autopilot. My exercise is solid, my diet is ridiculously good. I’m not thinking, I’m just doing. It’s the beginning of the school year and I just have to allow myself to be present there, I suppose, and just be happy the scale is going in the right direction. That I’m still feeling fit and capable. That my weightloss project is not and will not stall because it’s September. I should feel proud that I’m on autopilot, right?
Remember that 12 hour fast thing that I’m trying to do every night? It’s working quite well. It is not hard at all to do it and is just the right level of motivation for me to remind myself not to eat when I really don’t need calories.
Today I made my personal record on ‘big loop’! I ran it in just a little over 16 minutes (1.4 miles)! Woot!

(I really was running in this shadow picture. 😉 )

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