Celebrate Schools 5K 

It wouldn’t be the first weekend in October without running the Celebrate Schools 5K with my fellow Edmonds Schools District colleagues, students and, of course, my family!  This year we had a great showing of sign ups and support for my school so I am really hoping that translates into a decent chunk of change for our students.  If not, it’s a really fun race that benefits many students in my cshool while also promoting exercise, so what can go wrong there?!  This year my school adopted a superheroes theme, most of our staff wore capes, so Captain Aweomse donned her cape and star spangled pants to make the run.  It didn’t feel as costume-y as it looks in retrospect.  I was wondering why everyone thought I was dressed as Wonder Woman…  duh!  😂👍

On a personal level, Gigi was shooting for first place and came in third for her division.  She was worried she would disappoint us (what?!) but we were thrilled at that accomplishment!  Wow!  I can’t believe what a runner she is!  Bradley came in the top 20 for his division, and Jude ran the whole way with an average pace of 11:15 per mile.  The Lj’s showed well, this year, and had a great time doing it.  🙂 Just as an interesting side note, last year I ran this race and then followed that up with the Base to Space climb up the Space Needle.  That was one of my favorite events ever!

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