Busy Bees

Last Friday night was my 16th wedding anniversary with Bradley. As we were driving to dinner,I was loopy with joy. Life can seem so dark sometimes, but when I look at my life through the proper lens, I can’t help but see all of the blessings that are heaped on me. It’s pretty wonderful. We were lucky enough to have my parents in town and they took the kids to play overnight at a hotel with a pool and we had the whole house to ourselves! One would think we stayed up late, watched movies, made out and ate lots of chocolate, but the truth is that we got home and crashed out by 10:00, if not earlier! It was so good to be able to sleep without worrying and thinking about how our kids are doing. While I don’t actively parent all night anymore, I can assure you that I sleep better when I know there won’t be any middle of the night drama! We repaid my parents, who stayed the weekend, with a fun lunch at the Red Hook Brewery.

Other than that, we’ve just been exceptionally busy. We are usually slammed at this time of year, but there have been a few layers that got added unexpectedly this year. I found out that I have to switch classrooms- this news after I spent last week organizing and UNPACKING my remaining boxes that I hadn’t unpacked from my move last year! Great timing, huh? I haven’t packed a thing and I need to have it ALL in boxes by Wednesday afternoon. Aiyiyi. This all with 25 squirrelly 2nd graders underfoot. Ha ha ha ha! HA!! HA! They’ve been getting this look lately, and so will you if you try to add something else to my plate:

I haven’t been getting home until around 6:30 or 7:00 every night lately, and it’s not because I’ve been at the gym, I’ve just had meetings and parties like crazy. Awesome meetings and parties, yes, but man-oh-man! Color me just worn-out! Then I realized I haven’t posted in a while and I hate it when too much time passes between posts on my blog, so here is that update.
Regarding diet and exercise, to that I answer, “Huh? What diet or exercise?” I am not using any of my new tools – like exercise- to chill out my worrying brain, so I’ll admit that I’m turning to food again to quell the rising anxiety. I weighed in at 196 yesterday, so it’s showing on the scale, but I’m just trying to get through this week. I’m not going to worry about a small gain and I’m looking at it as a natural fluctuation, like any healthy person has.
Anyhow, onward!
Summer is just around the corner…

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