Today I went for my first run in seven days. I was glad because I made myself do it after my first day back at work- a day that would have been very easy to forgive myself of. I originally planned on going on the elliptical, but I knew I’d last about four minutes before I got tuckered out and hopped off. I knew today was a day for forcing a run outta me! So I decided to run the big loop, a great choice. The picture of the road is what I call ‘home run’. It’s the last quarter mile before I get home and I usually try to sprint it. Today was no different. I felt amazing after the run!
Something interesting happened while I was on my run today- I had someone yell, “Run, Fat Girl, run!” My initial response was to flip them off with some serious double hand action followed by a mighty, “FU!” But, fortunately, I brought my brain and remembered that I am a girl out running on her own while there were at least three guys in that car. So I did nothing. That made me mad as a feminist* because there I am all powerless to these stupid asses who, really, are just mad because the fat girl in question could most likely kick their asses in the running around the block for miles upon miles department and they didn’t like that. Or at least that is what I said to myself to make me feel better about getting bullied like that. Poo-poo heads.
Other than that I really enjoyed my run. 🙂
* This sounds like I’m making a smilie about angry feminist stereotypes but that was not the case. I meant to say that I was both angry in the moment and always consider myself a feminist. This was a funny sentence!

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