Seriously. While I was running down the road today I snapped just six quick pictures and just assumed I’d look presentable in one of them. It cracks me up to look at these! Ha ha! I’m happy to report, though, that I’m continuing to beat my personal records for times! 🙂
I’ve taken up a healthy obsession with neon lately. A while ago my cousin lost her uncle, Dave Hensen, to a distracted driving accident and then I watched that video by Werner Herzog, ‘From One Second to the Next‘ that is going around the net about distracted driving and the tragedies that have occurred as a result of texting. I’m freaked out, to be honest. I’ve stopped texting and driving, but I see people bobbing and weaving all over the roads and it makes me fear for my safety. I’ve gotten a little paranoid, so I’m taking advantage of this neon fashion trend right now and I’m picking up bright clothing for super cheap all over. While I can’t change the habits of people, I can try to make myself as visible as possible to drivers.

My friend’s son had his 3rd birthday party today and I was shocked to walk in and see these two ladies! My friend in the middle is Elizabeth, aka: Lizard. We have known one another since 8th grade and we discovered an unbreakable bond in choir class. She looks amazing, though, because she spent her summer losing 35 pounds! Her sister, Vicki, is on the right. She and I were pregnant with my oldest and her youngest at the same time. Our daughters formed a really tight bond and over the years Vicki has become more of a friend than just Beth’s big sister. Anyhow, she has lost 28 pounds since the end of June! Here I was, all excited that I lost 40 pounds in eight months and they both just killed it in less than half that! Woot woot!

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