Blasting Off

I needed DietBet!  Holy cow, people!!  It’s like, all of the sudden, paying 25 bucks makes me accountable and committed to myself and my nutrition like a boss.  Somehow it’s not hard right now.  Well, that’s not all true, but you expect it to some degree.  I suppose a lot of my success this week is owed to the fact that I spent last week prepping for this week by building better habits.  I finally signed up for Habitica.  It’s an app or online site that allows one to make todo lists, daily things one must do and habit building tasks to help build a better you:

As I check off tasks, I earn points.  What for?  Well.  I’m a ‘healer’ in a tribe with my family and I get to buy clothes and stuff for my avatar.  Ridiculous?  Yep.  Effective?  Ridiculously so!!  I find myself watching the clock every night, making sure that I can check my boxes for ‘don’t eat after 8:00’ and so on.  By doing that for one week, I accidentally lost a pound and built habits that propelled me to better success this week.  That said, I was pretty hungry on Monday night after reintroducing a diet rich in raw and plant based nutrients.  That night I was bit by the sugar bug, bad, but I made it through the night and have been pretty solid ever since.  The best part?

I went from 211 on April 29th to 207 today!!!  I am loving this trend!

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