It’s getting a bit harder to keep up with my exercise. We’ve been focusing mostly on running and hiking, lately, and I’ve been supplementing that with unpacking my classroom. On Monday we did the weirdest urban hike ever in Bellevue. It’s called the Lake to Lake trail and parts of it were just beautiful, through the woods, by Lake Sammamish- just gorgeous! But the trail was intended to connect many of the parks in Bellevue, so in transit from one park to the next we’d be cruising alongside busy roads, through neighborhoods- it was weird. It was like I drove to someone else’s neighborhood to go for a run! That said, it was mostly flat and easygoing, so I got some good running done on it. (Strava has a new feature that pauses automatically when you stop. As a mom with kids, we stop a lot and Strava, my tracking app, has become less and less reliable and drops the GPS all the time. I still use it but no longer rely on it for accurate mileage or times.)
No matter what, I’m doing something right because I weighed in at 204 today. I’m totally on the right track.

Today I made my maiden foray into my classroom to unpack. I went alone, so I was pretty focused and un rushed, and I was amazed at how much I was able to accomplish! I would say I’m 3/4 of the way to being moved in, and then I just need to make it pretty. I moved so much that by the time I got home I had racked up 14,000 steps! Busy much?! I was starving when I got home!!!
While I was in my classroom, my friend Elizabeth stopped by for a visit since she was in the area. She was on her way from being in a bod-pod, as she is also working through a weightloss project. If you don’t know, the bod pod is a newer measurement tool that gives a pretty accurate measure of muscle/fat/bone/tissue ratios. As a formerly obese person, it’s difficult to use traditional methods to figure out how much fat I actually am. Those tools that pinch fat to measure don’t work because I have so much loose skin. I also have more muscle than the average bear because I was carrying around so much fat for so long… Things are just different. I’m hard to read accurately in the traditional ways. Anyhow, I found out that I can go in one and get measured for only $75! I’m thinking of asking for that for my birthday. It would just help me to be a realistic goal setter for a good goal weight for myself and it would answer a lot of curiosities about where I’m at as a fit person.

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