Backyard Pool Laps

On those hot, 95 degree, August days, it is exceptionally difficult for me to get outside, in running shoes, to do much of anything. While I’m better about using my treadmill, the best and most pleasant thing I discovered this summer was to do laps in our little backyard pool! We bought a 15 foot wide, 42 inch deep paddling pool for the kids this year. On the days that were just too hot to exercise, I would go walk and run circles in the pool for 30 minutes. It is a great, progressive workout. At first I can only walk through the water, but as the current picks up, I’m forced to go faster and faster, if I want to keep up the thigh focus of the workout. Not only did the running-in-the-pool method of cardio help with keeping cooler in the hot summer days during a workout, it also gave me a fabulous leg workout! On top of that, the last time I did it, I kept track of my heart rate. It stayed in the 140’s the whole time I was moving, and if that’s not a good cardio workout then I don’t know what is.
My kids would say the best part of Mom’s pool workout is her stellar whirlpools! They love to swim along behind me on their paddleboards, swirling quickly around the outside circle or twirling like a leaf in the center. We all enjoy it!
That said, whenever I hit the pool with the kids, we have an agreement:
1. Stay out of my way. I only use the pool sometimes and appreciate the ability to get a solid workout in… Plus, I will kick you out if you mess it up! Mostly I don’t want to hurt you (or me) by tripping on you and landing on you!
2. If you find yourself in front of me, go to the middle. It’s the fastest way to support staying out of my way!
3. No splashing. I’m a major killjoy in the pool, I guess, but I am usually wearing my pedometer and it can’t get wet.
4. After 30 minutes of letting me get my cardio in, I’m a really fun mama who will dive in, splash, continue the whirlpool, make up dance routines and generally have a good time. I need it by then- I’m all hot and sweaty and need to cool down! Ironic, huh?

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  1. Amy

    Love this, Tamara! I’ve been contemplating doing the same in our pool. It’s so humid where I live that 3-4 miles outside is really an effort. You’ve inspired me. I’m doing some pool laps next time!!!

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