Back in the Saddle Shoes

I did it!
This morning I rose and shone, made breakfast, tied my sneakers and took off! My big goal was to simply run for a bit. To get my legs back under me. My ultra goal was to finally do a real five mile run. For some reason I feel the need to keep pushing more mileage on myself. I not sure why I want more and more distance under me, but I do. I think it’s just to prove to myself that I CAN. I’m not that person who can barely run twenty steps and then lose her balance and breath all at once anymore. I’m the person who can run for 50 minutes without stopping. I can do it now. AMAZEBALLS.
Today I decided to explore my neighborhood a little farther. I have the little loop- that is a hair under one mile. Big loop is about 1.4 miles. This newest loop was about 3.6. I call it ‘Huge Loop’ since I’m so official with everything… Anyhow, it was really fun just to go explore my neighborhood at my little trot. A few things I noticed:
1. Hills- Hills are a non issue for me now. When I first started running I would gear all of my runs to be as much downhill as possible. Over time I have discovered that I hate going down hills. It hurts my joints! I much prefer running up. I have never ever allowed myself to stop or walk on a hill, so it seems I’m just getting used to them. Today I encountered three new hills – one was long and steeper than I’m used to enduring. I just chugged right up that thing and then kept going. I was pretty amazed by the whole thing.
2. Pacing- today I was alone so I decided to throw speed out the window and just focus on enjoying myself. I listened to my podcast and just cruised. I assumed my miles were in the 11-12 range but when I arrived home my mileage averaged just over 10 minute miles. Unbelievable. Without trying I improved my pace – and I thought I was going slow! Ha ha! Joke’s on me, I suppose.
As I was making my final few blocks home I knew my goal was to hit five miles today. I was so excited! About a block and a half before I got home I checked my Strava and it said I was at five miles. I hooted with happy and kept on. If I wasn’t close enough to five or over a little I was going to continue around the block and shortcut through a park- just to make SURE I got the credit of a five mile run. I assumed I’d be ok… See, the Strava has a tendency to count ahead, I think, then when you save your run it does an official calculation and the mileage can change. Guess what? When I saved my run I got downgraded to a 4.9!!!! Argh! I wish I had kept on one more time around, just to be sure. Now I know. Two weeks in a row, now, this has happened. Booo!

However, I thoroughly enjoyed eating a big bowl of peanut butter smash with blueberries upon my return! Eating with impunity… I love running.
Tomorrow I’m going to do two miles and you won’t believe the milestone that will make me hit!
Run: 10 miles
Actual: 8 miles (not bad with the sick ear)
Abs: meh
Actual: once

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